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Help Your Child Develop Lifelong Skills WIth Our Kids Martial Arts

Make sure your child is ready for the demands of the real world with the help of our Kids Martial Arts Classes at Summit Martial Arts. Beyond just the traditional self-defense skills that your child will learn with our Karate training, they will also leave with an incredible set of life skills that will serve them for years to come. 

Our exciting Kids Martial Arts classes in Delaware offer age-specific programming that is perfect for kids of all experience levels. Your child will have a blast learning from our highly skilled team of instructors.

Kids Martial Arts Delaware

Help Your Child Grow With Our Kids Martial Arts 

At Summit Martial Arts, your child will have access to some of best Karate instruction in the entire country. But that's just the beginning. Our Kids Martial Arts classes are also built in a way that helps your child take pride in their learning process and fills them with an incredible sense of accomplishment every step of the way.

Whether your child goes on to become a black belt or they move on to other sports and hobbies later in life, the foundations they build in our Kids Martial Arts classes will serve them forever.

Your child will quickly gain:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved concentration and attention span
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • AND an unwavering desire to learn

Plus, with our Kids Martial Arts Classes, your child will be happier, have better manners, be more active, earn better grades, stay more focused, improve their leadership roles, and develop unshakable confidence dealing with a bully or a tough challenge.

Find The Kids Martial Arts Class That Works For You

Even if your child has never taken a single Karate class in their lives, our Kids Martial Arts instruction will be perfect for them, because it's completely adaptable to all skill levels and abilities. Your child will quickly learn key elements of fitness, Karate, Jiujitsu, Kobudo, and everything from punches and kicks to knee and elbow strikes to ground defense, Stanger Danger, and Bully Defense, with the help of our trained instructors who ensure that everyone is staying safe and having a blast. 

Our Kids Martial Arts classes include:

Youth Karate (Ages 6-10): From beginners to more advanced, this course introduces students to techniques while focusing on the age appropriate core tools that make for a successful student.

Students in our Youth Karate program progress through increasingly challenging instruction levels as they learn and master the techniques.

Teen Karate (Ages 11-15): From beginners to more advanced, our teens continue to build their self-confidence with ever-challenging instruction that helps them stay motivated week after week. 

And our Kids Martial Arts programs are offered multiple times a week to help fit into your busy schedule!

Kids Martial Arts Delaware

PLUS The Best Bully Prevention In Delaware! 

In the Summit Bully Defense System, our goal is to instill in your child unshakable confidence so they can overcome bullies without violence. We follow five simple principles:

  • Rule 1: Try to avoid a fight if possible. (but you’re not anyone’s punching bag)
  • Rule 2: If physically attacked, defend yourself, with just enough defense to stop the attack.
  • Rule 3: 3: If verbally attacked, keep your hands up and have a good stance, be ready to defend, talk to defuse or de-escalate the situation or leave if possible, tell parents, teacher, authorities.
  • Rule 4: Avoid punching or kicking the bully if possible, try to establish control and negotiate.
  • Rule 5: When applying submissions use minimal force and negotiate. We do not teach chokes to kids.

Start Your Child's Kids Martial Arts Journey Today!

We are proud to offer the community of Delaware a family friendly dojo to learn karate and grow as human beings. Our Kids Martial Arts classes have helped countless young students become productive, compassionate at successful adults. Your child could be next.

To get started at Summit Martial Arts, all you have to do is fill out the short form on your screen now. We'll be in contact shortly to answer all of your questions and get your child signed up for their first class!  


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