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  • Over the past ten years I have had the opportunity to train with some of the best and worst martial arts instructors in the world. As a retired Police Officer and a retired member of the US Army Special Forces I am always searching for the best instruction available. I can say with confidence the instructors at Summit Martial Arts are some of the best I have encountered. Summit does an excellent job of presenting traditional martial arts in a practical, usable system. Whether you study Shorin Ryu Karate or Japanese/Brazilian Jujitsu you will receive a solid well-rounded education in self-defense. As an officer I have seen too many “so called black belts” destroyed in physical confrontations. Granted no art is perfect and anyone can lose a fight. However, I am convinced that a student of Summit Martial Arts will be more prepared to defend him/herself if attacked than the students of most other studios. I would also recommend Summit to any police officer or member of the military looking to supplement their Defensive Tactics or Combative Training.

    MSG Chad Williams
  • My eleven year old daughter is a second year student. Summit does an amazing job helping her progress appropriately. The instructors are amazing to work with. They understand the level of knowledge of each parent and student have and do very well with helping out wherever needed. They are patient and consistent in their practices. Prices are more than reasonable. There truly is no competition for this dojo. They are truly the best.

    Jennifer Appleman
  • I have been with Summit for a little over a year I came to the Dojo with little to no knowledge of martial arts ... Needless to say I was a nervous wreck. Since day one I have felt like I belong everyone is so welcoming and helpful.I would recommend Summit Martial Arts to any man, women, child it is a great place to build self confidence, disipline, and simply good exercise for the mind, body and soul .By the way it is very affordable with no hidden fees.

    Shannon Lyons
  • Summit Martial Arts has earned an excellent reputation withing Martial Arts world! Each time I've visited I've been greeted with courteous, friendly and serious people, all working together to develope themselves at the highest level. Nice work everyone - can't wait to train with a few of you again soon!

    Joseph Hurtsellers
  • Great dojo! Everyone there is so welcoming and supportive, it's a great environment to work out in!

    Dana Shapiro
  • My son has been attending Summit martial arts for about 2 years now. Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, great instructors, and no hidden fees. Much better experience than some others in the Delaware area.

    John Mcdaniel
  • My 10 year old son has been attending Summit Martial Arts for just over 2 1/2 years. In that time his grades at school have improved where he is now taking gifted classes for students. 


    His self confidence has increased dramatically and his respect for others including teachers, piers, parents etc. is making him into the young man he should be.


    His physical training as well as his self defense skills are absolutely remarkable. This is all attributed to the Summit Martial Arts School.


    Please DO NOT be fooled by other "martial arts schools" and their claims of progressing you and or your child to develop the skills mentioned above. 


    I have first hand experience with other schools and tried them to only find out they will hand out awards/title belts or anything to keep their cash flow coming in. Don't waste your time or money!!


    Give Summit Martial Arts a try and you will find the same as I did. The facts are clear! The cost of Summit Martial Arts is less than these "so called schools" and there are no hidden fees and gimmicks unlike so many others.


    Our family is proud to be a part of the Summit Martial Arts Family.


    James Davis

    James Davis
  • "According to my 7-year-old son, the classes at Summit Martial Arts 'are a lot of fun and teach lots of stuff.' From a parent’s point of view, all of the instructors and assistant instructors are very adept at teaching children of all ages. They are patient and able to maintain discipline easily with large groups of young students. My son has never been the most athletic child, but he enjoys the activity and the lessons he learns at Summit."

    Brian S.
  • I chose to be a student of Summit Martial Arts for several reasons. I'm an older student, over 50, who was looking for a place that could teach me to stay calm while defending myself. Additionally, I wanted an activity that would help me get and stay in better shape both physically and mentally. Summit Martial Arts in a professional and friendly manner has helped me achieve my objectives and more. Retired Deputy Sheriff and business owner.

    David H. Weiser
  • Summit Martial Arts has had a profound impact on my life. Not only is my body in good shape, but my mind is also sharper, which has also increased my overall confidence. Sensei Riedmiller is extremely knowledgeable about the martial arts and conveys the wisdom and practice in a way that everyone can learn. My classmates are also an integral part of the learning process and there is a mutual respect among everyone to help each other reach their highest potential.

    Kyle H.
  • “On behalf of the people of Columbus, we extend our appreciation for teachers Charles Riedmiller and Kevin Crowley and the academy’s efforts to instill discipline and respect in central Ohio youth. Best wishes for success in the future.”

    Gregory S. Lashutka, Former Mayor of Columbus, Ohio
  • I need the Summit martial arts more then I let on. I feel more in control of my days when I have martial arts in my life. Thanks again.

  • “The instructors at Summit Martial Arts, teach them discipline and respect. It has helped my 7-year-old to interact with others and get along. They also teach the art and history which I like.”

    Mary A.
  • “My two children are learning martial arts, and having fun at the same time. The instructors teach them respect, self-control, and self-discipline. Although they teach them never to go looking for a fight, should something happen they know how to defend themselves. The training here at Summit Martial Arts has boosted their confidence greatly.”

    Kim M.
  • “I like the direction, guidance and spirit with which the classes are taught. My son needed motivation, because of this class he has goals to work toward, and he is challenged to accomplish them.”

    Nancy D.
  • I am the parent of two students attending Summit Martial Arts. I am very pleased with every aspect of the Dojo. The skills they have learned are real. The friends they have made are wonderful. Since they have become students I have seen improvement in everything from physical fitness to self esteem. We are all very proud to be part of the Summit Martial Arts Family.

    Heather L.
  • I like the discipline aspect of the class. I feel the more discipline kids can get from as many sources as possible is a great advantage. I like the focus aspect of Karate. My daughter needs to improve her focusing skills at school and Summit Karate has helped greatly. We are very pleased with the results from Summit Martial Arts.

    Greg K.
  • My son started Karate at Summit Martial Arts when he was 4 years old. He was very shy and unsure of himself. Within just a few months, we saw such a change in him and so did his teachers. Renshi Riedmiller has always taken the time to address individual concerns and has helped my son develop not only physical Karate abilities but a true confidence in himself.

    Andy M.
  • Summit Martial Arts has great programs. My son has learned so much. He’s gained self-control and developed much-needed confidence in himself.

    Sarah M.
  • My son has been taking Karate at Summit Martial Arts for 7 years. Over that time, I have watched him grow and mature from child to a true Martial Artist. He has learned qualities at Summit that will be with him for the rest of his life. He has made lifelong friends and had fun along the way. The Dojo has a great youth program that teaches respect, character, etiquette, self control, and self confidence. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my son at Summit Martial Arts.

    Angie H.


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